Bassface / Jet Black

With a string of acclaimed releases including the recent Ghetto Boy backed with Blunderbuss, 2DB have proven their alchemical mastery of combining emotive melodies with floor-shaking bass aggression. So, now for the latest twist in the tale.

First up is Bassface. With a name like that, you might guess what this track’s going to deliver. From the uplifting synth-work in the intro, the throttle is quickly engaged to push into a half-speed drop. Then, a floaty breakdown breaks down your defences and builds back up to kick you with a full-speed D&B workout.

Then Jet Black rolls in with gentle riffs to make the inevitable drop hit with even more impact. This combination of tough beats, fat bass and unfolding high-end sequencing show exactly what this production team do best.

2DB’s releases are always must-have items for fans of beats and bass, and here’s another one you need in your collection.