Bass in the Place

With his last release, ‘Be Careful’, still accumulating new fans, Tantrum Desire’s back with a much-anticipated follow-up. Connoisseurs have been on the lookout for this one ever since TD dropped it in his huge audio-visual Hyper Vision stream for RAM Records earlier this year. And now the time has come. ‘Bass in the Place’ has been unlocked for the rest of us.

From the title, through the almost trance-like synth-pizzicato opening, to the eponymous vocal sample, ‘Bass in the Place’ captures a nostalgic feeling of that hypnotic, all-encompassing ascension into rave euphoria. That essentially emotive, organic heart and soul of the old skool is woven into up-to-the-minute contemporary DnB vibes by a production master.

And then it drops into an absolute stomper. A serrated mid-range blast of energy sets the pace, while basslines mutate and bubble, punctuated by high-powered breaks and fills. And the tune keeps evolving from there. Timbres are twisted as Tantrum Desire flexes his sound design and manipulation skills on us, keeping the intensity at maximum while hitting us with a succession of bass variations. Selectors are going to want to let this one run.

So, it’s Tantrum Desire with another anthem. True heads will need no more persuasion that that to get this tune straight into their set lists and playlists. Don’t miss out.