Amiga Man / Happy Days

2DB have been honing their free-wheeling, rough-edged brand of dancefloor drum & bass throughout the noughties, and now they’ve cemented their position among the elite with a string of releases on Technique Recordings.

There’s always been a nostalgic, old skool influence in their productions, and, as if to prove that point, the two tracks on this release are all about taking us back to the roots. Of course, though, 2DB always have to add their own personal stamp to keep the sound fresh.

The first track goes by the name of “Amiga Man”, a reference which is so old skool that it’s almost a history lesson. As you’d expect, 2DB have taken the bleeps and chirps of the eponymous computer and twisted them into layers of pulsating drum and bass synthesis. With driving riffs that mirror the ubiquitous dubstep wobble without falling into cliché, this is guaranteed to hit hard in any dance.

On the AA side we have “Happy Days”, a tune calculated to get everyone’s backs off the wall. 2DB construct subtle layers of percussion and a floating, euphoric chord progression that keeps the momentum building throughout the track with no let-up. Coupled with a high-energy vocal sample, and house-influenced synth-piano textures, this one is a scientifically designed floor-filler.

So, with “Amiga Man” and “Happy Days”, 2DB have created vital pieces of weaponry for DJs to draw for. These tunes will be making ravers skank out for a long time to come.