Amazing EP

Hailing from Bratislava in Slovakia, D&B producer L Plus has already forged an enviable career as a DJ and producer. Since signing exclusively to Technique Recordings in 2011, he’s been honing his unique sound, with releases like his Time Travel EP, Catastrophe, and remixes for scene luminaries like Crissy Criss and Tantrum Desire.

This style is evident in this release. The title track sets out L Plus’ blueprint straight away, with sweeping atmospherics cut with strong vocal hooks. The bass hits hard, but it’s the melody that drives the tune, evoking the early days of rave while maintaining precision-tooled production quality.

Next, Taking Me Higher moves even further into old skool euphoria. The beautiful vocal and filtered strings of the intro, swooping into an instant-classic riff, offer a perfect lighters-in-the-air moment. After an epic drop, L Plus twists things up with another of his trademarks, a half-speed breakdown allowing the harmonies he’s created to shine through.

As the name suggests, Challenger goes harder. L Plus is a master of atmosphere, and here he shows off this skill to build tension. His high-end patterns blend and contort until the drop when he throws down a complex array of synth-work to send ravers crazy.

The last track, Close To You, takes us back in time again. Mid-nineties spacey sounds are held together with the eponymous vocal sample. Percussive stabs and building drums introduce the low-end which sparks the track into life, which L Plus balances with his customary melodic work.

This EP shows exactly what L Plus can do. He’s a true music producer, not a beat-maker, able to manipulate melodies and vocals as easily as he can twist up a bassline. Add this to his calling-card soaring atmospherics and it’s clear that these tracks are equally capable of blowing up dances and airwaves.