Document One’s Faced With the Unknown takes us straight into darkness. Background atmospherics create a bed for cinematic arpeggios and apocalyptic narration. This fades into distant reverberation only to reassemble as a cybernetic paranoic beat and bassline. This drop adds an extra layer of close-up claustrophobia which gives every drum hit, bass squelch and triggered sample the space and weight to really strike hard. This is four-in-the-morning music for for when daylight is just a memory and it’s time to cast a shadow over the rave.

Purp is something different. The intro is fully-formed UK hip-hop, socially-conscious bars from Fio and all. But before we have time to strap on our backpacks, there’s just a hint of double-time percussion on the horizon, and we’re launched into a filthy drop, with grinding mid-range basses and an insistent resonant snare that turns the heat up to eleven. The juxtaposition of funky hip-hop and grimy D&B give this track an irresistible Bristol Sound vibe, showing Document One’s respect for the roots while maintaining a totally modern dancefloor sensibility.

It’s only Document One’s second release on Technique but with their already-prestigious discography and the acclaim for their Revolution EP, it’s clear this release is going to get serious attention. Showcasing both darkness and light with their trademark musicality, these two tracks are bound for set lists everywhere.